Products & Services

Neff Controls The Entire Production Process From Stumpage Through Shipping
Product Line:
Grade Lumber
Industrial Timbers
Veneer Logs
Kiln Dried Lumber
Pallets and Skids
Tree Stakes
Surveyer's Stakes
Silt-fence Stakes

Wood Chips
Double Ground
   Hardwood Mulch

Kiln-Dried and/or green lumber
Red Oak
White Oak
Steamed Black Walnut

Facilities: 20 acre mill site, dehumidification dry kilns, McDonough band saw, computer operated linear positioner Corley carriage, steam vat, company-owned trucks.

Process: Grading: Width and length separation to customer requirements. Graded twice: once at mill and again after kiln drying to NHLA sales code. Packaged to international standards. Container shipping available.

Dehumidification kilns to minimize drying defects and provide uniform color flatness. Drying all #2 Common and Better. Producing 5-6 million board feet annually.